“Let us celebrate endings - for they precede new beginning.” Cheers to a NEW YEAR and another chance for us to get it right! 


Team #GIMS is incredibly excited for the new decade as this brand new year unfolds. We’re setting goals, intentions, and ultimately hitting the ground running by promoting our statement every chance possible. 


For many, 2019 was a tough year, and we’re not oblivious that it may have been a rough one for you and/or your loved ones. What is evident is that we cannot navigate through life alone. God is a God of faith, and though the enemy will attempt to kill, steal, or destroy, God’s ability to protect, provide and bless His people  NEVER fails. 


God is your source and our source simply means that we are all well equipped to be conquerors and with that measure of faith through GOD we are able to develop our abilities to win over ANY and EVERYthing of this present year! Continue to be encouraged friends!  

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