Madame Smith in God is my Source.

  • By Eric Duncan

Madame Smith in God is my Source.

Allow me to share with you all where every ounce of my source comes from – GOD! Not like this is any secret or anything, because I’m very vocal and open about sharing this, but without God, I am nothing. Every part of my life exists and functions daily because of HIM!

The “God Is My Source” hats are super perfect for MY lifestyle and I’m totally in love with Mania Merch’s mantra is pertaining to the hat. Check it out!

There is a greater power – a being from which all things impossible instantaneously become possible. Regardless of what you call or how you reference God, this supreme being is your source; of health, wealth and maintaining at this game of life. While everything in our existence is merely a resource, God is primarily your source. GOD IS MY SOURCE.

Make your statement and proclaim who your source is in the “God Is My Source” dad hat from Zenomania’s Mania Merch. This bold colorway features rich embroidered lettering on the front and is finished with a strapback sizing piece for a personalized fit. 

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